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How to Select the Right Merchant Services Provider?

It is easier to become overwhelmed with information overload about merchant service providers. There are a number of features to consider along with your budget and other business requirements. So, it is not surprising that oftentimes; most business owners end up choosing not-so-ideal merchant services.

Here’s how to select the right merchant services.

Assess the security features of the service provider.

As a business owner, you have to be extra careful about protecting the payment information of your customers. So, you cannot compromise on the security of the system you use. For instance, Leaders Merchant Services are compliant with the security systems of the Payment Card Industry (PCI). On top of it; they also provide end-to-end encryption as an added security measure.

Other security measures to consider are hosted payment forms, tokenization, fraud management tools, etc. Fraud and security breaches can have an adverse effect on your business. You might risk losing your customers. You might also need to incur out-of-pocket losses or damages.

So, carefully check and assess security measures employed by all the merchant service providers you are considering before selecting one.

Check if the service providers offer payment expandability.

Most brick-and-mortar businesses these days offer online services too. Even if you might not be offering it presently, you might do it in the near future. So, it is best to be prepared. Choose a merchant provider that offers the option for online payments too such as Leaders Merchant Services.

Payment expandability works both ways. You might only offer online services presently with the plans to open a physical store in the near future. So, you will need a merchant service provider that offers online to offline payment expandability as well.

Check if good customer service is available with the merchant service of your choice.

Businesses cannot ignore the value of good customer service. The strength of your customer service can make or break your business. Customers are likely to return to you if they experience pathetic customer service while doing business with you.

Choose a merchant service that offers 24/7 customer support. The quality of the support must also be good to excellent. No customer query must go unresolved. The process must also be quick and hassle-free for the customers. It should also be accessible to your customers via chat, email, and telephonic support.

Check if you are getting any value-added products and free software.

Not many merchant services come with value-added products. But some like Leaders Merchant Services offer great deals. Value-added products or services may help you customize your POS system. You should be able to integrate them with your existing hardware and save money on buying additional software or tools.

The ideal merchant service will offer you processing software at no added cost for you. You will also likely receive a card reader for mobile devices along with other software at free of cost.

Assess if the pricing is fair as per the services on offer.

Assessing pricing options for merchant services is not a straightforward affair. You might need to look into payment contracts, modes of payments, and rates.

Some merchant services require you to sign a contract for a minimum period of time. You might also need to pay a fee if you cancel the contract before the termination date. So, look into these aspects before selecting a merchant service.

Find out beforehand if you have the option to lease the POS terminals or not. If this is something that matters to you; remember to ask about it.

It is best to choose a merchant service that offers tiered pricing. It varies for different businesses. Ask the merchant service to provide you with the rates before you agree to sign up with them. Make note of the surcharges, additional processing fee, compliance fee, and any other charges included in the contract.

Add it all up to determine if the merchant service is worth your while. The final cost must be justified as per the services on offer for you.

Choose a merchant service only after considering all the above factors and a careful assessment of it all.

Why Ecommerce Businesses Should Use Shopify Inventory Management?

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform that provides fully hosted and cloud-based solutions to businesses of all sizes to help them to quickly and easily set up their online retail stores. One of its critical features is the Shopify inventory management software that facilitates inventory management. It allows for better business practices that can ultimately lead to business growth and profit.

Benefits of Shopify inventory management

The Shopify inventory management software is easy to install and use, and the company keeps refining and updating it to give better service to their clients. Aside from that, here are some more reasons why eCommerce businesses should consider using Shopify inventory management in their retail operations:

They can keep an accurate and well-organized inventory

Maintaining a well-organized inventory is crucial for businesses as it allows them to keep an accurate track of stock. By knowing what they have in their product inventory, they can install better controls to prevent the theft and spoilage of the goods. They can estimate when they will run out of stock. They will know when to order or manufacture more products and in what quantity. That way, they can avoid selling what they don’t have in stock, and can also not order more than they can sell. These practices are useful for reducing overall expenses.

They can better track their purchases from suppliers

Most businesses order their products from multiple suppliers. With the Shopify inventory management software, they can create a transfer page to keep a record of their incoming inventory. They can enter details like the supplier name, transfer location, expected arrival of a shipment, transfer reference number, product name, and product quantity. They can check if they have received everything fully or partially from the purchase order, and organize it as accepted, rejected, or canceled.

They can transfer their inventory between different locations

It is often necessary for businesses to transfer their goods from one active location to another, and the Shopify inventory management software can help them to keep track of these transfers. They can track which place the transfer is coming from, which destination it is going to, the quantity of the products, and the expected arrival of the shipment.

They can conduct an ABC analysis of their inventory

It is essential to conduct an ABC analysis of the inventory as that can help businesses to categorize their products better and prioritize which products they ought to focus on to gain more profits. They can grade their products according to their sales records. The products that sell the most and bring in about 80% of the business revenue will go into A grade.

In the B-grade category, there will be the products that sell well intermittently, account for about 15% of the business revenue, and can sometimes become best-sellers. The products that sell the least and bring in only about 5% business revenue will go into the C grade.

By focusing on the A-grade best-sellers, the businesses can cut down on the warehousing expenses, product storage and maintenance costs, and product advertising costs for the goods that their customers don’t order as much.

They can offer better customer service

With sound inventory management, businesses can optimize customer fulfillment and offer customers better service by developing a good understanding of their buying behaviors and product preferences. They can keep tabs on seasonal buying trends and use that data to think up and implement new business and product ideas. They can also check how they are doing financially and profit-wise.

The basic functions of the Shopify inventory management software are excellent for businesses that make their product purchases directly from the supplier and don’t have a complicated inventory flow. As they expand their operations, Shopify will allow them to create and track multiple channels for their inventory management and marketing practices. They can also sync their online stores with social media platforms.

If the businesses require more advanced features and increased functionalities for better inventory control, they can get different third-party apps and integrate them into the Shopify software. There will be an additional cost for these apps, and some of them are expensive, but they will be worth the many business benefits that they bring.

Role of A Video Production Company In Business Marketing

The video certainly is a powerful marketing tool. According to a report, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Creating a video that will have a positive impact on customers is no easy job. A video may look like it is easy to produce but actually involves a lot of planning and behind the scenes activities. Which is why you need to collaborate with a video production company.

A video production company NYC can concisely tell a compelling story. With the advent of social media, people are more accustomed to watching images and videos than reading content. So, for marketing purposes, you need to use well-crafted videos.

Let’s find out how a video production company can help:

Provides an opportunity to create brand awareness

A video production company starts its work based on the brief provided by you. The brief includes objectives and relevant information about your business and the target audience.

The video production company then carries out its own research and develops the content along with key messages. They find ways to tell your story in an interesting and entertaining way. The more interesting your video, the more you benefit.

When the video is shared on social media, people get to know about your brand. If they appreciate the video, there is a chance that they will engage with it and may ‘like’ it, comment about it, and even share it. All of these activities will make the video visible to even a greater number of people.

Explains seamlessly about products and processes

While television and radio commercials are limited to 30 or 60 second spots, your corporate video is not subject to these limitations.

If you need to explain your product or the process of creating it, a video production company can help. Say, for example, if you are a company that specializes in producing clean steel, the video production company can demonstrate the process of making clean steel by combining real footage with animation. This can create a positive impact on B2B customers. They will be assured of your process competencies.

Although the video can be of any length, it works best online if the video production company keeps the video length under five minutes.

Short and simple works more often than not. And the right video production company in NYC with its experience and available skill set can deliver in this regard. They can find ways to work through time constraints and deliver the best.

Improves search engine rankings

A Corporate video communicates to your audience. It is also beneficial to your website and company. Google prioritizes websites with more video content. This means that you will appear higher in Google search results. As a consequence, you will get more traffic to your website.

Also, if you have videos on your website, people will spend more time on your site. Long exposure helps in building trust.

An effective way of increasing the number of videos on your website is to let visitors know what your past or existing customers think about your product or services. Video productions of customers giving testimonials about your company can also help in building trust.

Converts to sales

A well-made video can make some real money for you. According to a report, a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

Video can also contribute to sales indirectly. 74% of people who watched an explainer video about a product bought it later.

Viewing a product increases its credibility. Videos provide customers with the reason for choosing a brand. And a video production company can provide that because they have an understanding of what works and doesn’t work with the audience.

Also, a video can be so designed as to provide a call to action. The voice-over in the video or the anchor can direct the viewer to where he or she needs to go to buy the product.


A video production company in NYC can showcase your products and your business in a visually enjoyable manner. From corporate videos to promotional videos to training videos for your employees, they can create almost everything. And when you match these video presentations with the right strategies, video marketing becomes effective.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Roofer

Is it time to repair or replace your roof? Before you sign a work contract for commercial roofing Albuquerque, you need to make sure that the company is reputable, experienced, and can satisfactorily handle all the aspects of the project from start to finish. It is a good idea to take your time to thoroughly research different roofing companies as well as your roofing requirements.

General roofing questions to ask a commercial roofing company

Before hiring a company to undertake commercial roofing in Albuquerque, ask the following:

• How long have you been in the roofing business?

• Where is your physical office located?

• What types of commercial roofs have you installed?

• Do you have a valid and up-to-date license to undertake commercial roofing in Albuquerque?

• Do you have any training or work approval certification from different roofing manufacturers?

• How many people work for you, and what are their credentials?

• Can you give me references from past clients?

• Can you point me towards some of your roofing projects in Albuquerque?

• Will it be necessary to get a building permit before doing my roofing project? Can you get it, or do I need to apply for it?

• Can you give me a written estimate for my roofing project?

• What safety standards do you follow for your roofing projects? For both your workers and the people in the building?

• Do you have insurance and liability coverage for your workmen?

• How do long do you think it will take to complete my roofing project?

• Do you offer a preventive maintenance program after the roof installation?

Specific project questions to ask a commercial roofing company

Before hiring roofing contractors in Colorado Springs, you might want to ask them these specific questions:

• When can you visit the site to review my roofing requirements?

• What are your usual rates for this type of roofing work?

• What types of checks will you do to find out the condition of my roof and if it needs to be repaired or replaced?

• How will you handle the roofing work around chimneys, protruding walls, and skylights?

• Can you make any structural changes to remove the dead valleys on my roof that collect water and debris?

• What can you do to increase the ventilation in the attic spaces?

• Can you provide me with a written warranty for the work you will undertake on my commercial property, and also for the roofing materials you will use?

• Are you willing to provide me with a surety bond for the work completion?

• Can you let me have a written estimate for the work?

• Can you give me the project specifications and installation plan?

• Are you going to be using new roofing materials entirely, or will it be possible to reuse some of the existing ones?

• Will you be using manufacturer-approved roofing fasteners, adhesives, or hot-air welding methods to fix the roof?

• What arrangements will you make to access my roof safely?

• If I need to install an entirely new roof, how do you plan to remove and dispose of the old roofing material?

• After you remove the old roof, what will you do to protect the building interior from bad weather conditions?

• What steps will you take to ensure that there is no damage to my property and grounds during the roof installation work?

• Will you install drip edging to protect the decking, fascia, and soffits?

• How many people will be working on the roofing project, who will be in charge, and who should I contact at your company in case any issues arise?

• Who will be undertaking the quality checks on the new roof installation work?

• Will you do a site clean-up after the roof installation work?

• How do I pay you for the roof installation work?

• Will I be eligible for any tax credits for the new roof? Can I get any utility rebates?

These questions will help you get started, but don’t hesitate to ask the roofing company anything if you need more information.

What Video Marketing Companies Can Do for Your Business?

Video content marketing is perhaps one of the most important promotional tools you can use to expand the scope of your business. It is a versatile medium, and it can reach a wider audience than the still image and written forms of advertising. People may shirk from reading an article, but they generally have less of a problem with watching a video. Our brains tend to appreciate visuals more. The use of videos in marketing has become somewhat mandatory, and it is an investment that let’s the organization connect with audiences in a compelling manner.

Let us look at how video marketing companies can make a difference in your business’s public image:

You Get the Benefit of Professional Know-How

If you want to use videos to market your business, the videos must be first-rate and of professional quality. Otherwise, your marketing efforts are going to come to naught, and you could even end up harming your brand’s reputation. Most business people are too busy to invest the time and effort required for learning video shooting and production techniques. It makes more sense to hire a video marketing company that has an experienced and knowledgeable crew to shoot your videos for you.

You Get a Wide Range of Video Production Services

After you’ve discussed your basic marketing goals, the video marketing company will help you to identify the type of video content and creative direction that will best suit your business and your targeted audience. You don’t necessarily have to select one kind of video but can go for multiple styles and share these on different platforms to reach different audiences. You can choose explainer videos, product videos, business documentaries, staff interviews, customer interviews, as well as identifying creative opportunities to leverage video. The video marketing company’s crew will have the expertise to produce almost any type of video content your organization may require.

You Get Effective Marketing Videos

The main reason you are commissioning videos is for promotional and marketing purposes. You may have other lofty aims, like educating the public and providing them with valuable information, but the bottom line is always marketing your products and services. Video marketing companies won’t forget this even if you do. They will assess your business needs and produce compelling video content that will bring you maximum benefit. They know what works best in the current marketplace and they will guide you accordingly.

Depending on your business and your business goals, they may create explainer videos that inform the public about what your company does, about the kinds of products and services you sell, and about how beneficial they could be for customers. If well-produced, these types of videos are useful in grabbing people’s attention and getting the intended message across.

You Get Assistance with Polishing Your Marketing Mantra

Since video marketing companies have a great deal of marketing expertise, they will help you to write and polish a compelling marketing video script.  They will help you break down complex information in a simple, easy to understand form and decide on the visuals to go with it.  They will advise you about making interview videos with your business employees and customers, making advertising shorts, or brand films, with actors and actresses, or finding ways to leverage live streaming technology. At the end of the day, you want videos that people will find entertaining as well as informative.

You Get Help with Building Audience Trust

The video marketing company will help you produce authentic-sounding, meaningful, and informative video content on a regular basis. This approach will help you to methodically leverage the medium and potentially reach global audiences.

With content that build trust, will come action, and that will help to drive your business – whether that means more sales, better brand awareness, increased engagement, or all of the above. Working with the right video marketing company will open to opportunities and provide you with a new avenue to tell your story.