Five Reasons You Should Sell Online in China and How to Do It

One of the best ways to tap the vast Chinese market is to sell to China online. E-commerce has seen a tremendous boom in the country in the past decade, with online retailers surpassing brick and mortar businesses in chalking up billions of dollars worth of sales. Shoppers are increasingly making their purchases online as they can find more choices and can compare products and prices to find the best available deals. Additionally, there is the convenience of being able to buy from the location of their choice and using mobile devices.

Five Reasons to Sell to China Online

If you are a business seeking to expand your operations abroad, here are five reasons why you should sell online in China:

China has a huge online market

There are over 900 million internet users in China, and a growing number of them are now doing their shopping online. By having an e-commerce presence to sell to China online, you will be able to bring your brand before millions of these potential consumers. And if they find your products and services worthwhile, they might convert into buyers, and you could earn immense profits and enjoy long-term business success in China.

E-commerce volumes are on the rise in China

At least 700 million people shop online regularly in China, and, with increasing internet penetration, the number is only going to go up. The popular online marketplaces are Taobao, Tmall, and, and there is an annual shopping extravaganza known as Shuang Shiyo on every November 11, with great discounts to encourage online shopping. Taobao has over 800 million product listings, while Tmall has over 70,000 official stores. Run by Alibaba, both marketplaces offer buyers the convenience of buying through the Aliwangwang app. offers bargains on electronics and quick shipping options.

Chinese consumers spend on luxury brands

Affluent Chinese consumers are willing to spend online on expensive foreign luxury brands, as long as they know they are buying authentic products. As a marketplace like Tmall requires sellers to provide documents of authenticity before they can sell to China online, the trust factor is high in shopping for imported goods on that platform. If you specialize in luxury items and open a store on Tmall, you will be able to find plenty of customers for your brand.

Chinese consumers prefer buying from brand owners or authorized distributors

to reduce risk of fakes

There is a rampant problem of counterfeit products in China, and so shoppers prefer to buy authenticated products directly from the brand owner or an authorized distributor. So you will be able to sell directly to consumers from your e-commerce website and/or sell through reputable distributors like Taobao, Tmall, or

Selling online will allow you to reach more consumers

Many of the foreign companies that launch their brands in China concentrate on selling to affluent consumers in the major Chinese cities. However, there is a rising middle-class in the smaller cities and towns that also aspires to buy foreign brands. It used to be hampered by the lack of imported brands in local retail stores. With online stores, though, location is no longer an issue. People can buy from wherever they are and have their purchases speedily delivered to them.

How to Sell Online in China

You can do the following to sell your products and services in China:

1. You can set up an e-commerce website with Chinese payment and shipping integration. From this, you can sell directly to your customers.

2. You can open a business account on Alibaba’s Tmall Store. It is the largest online marketplace in China. Over 500 million users access it every month.

3. You can take advantage of the WeChat e-commerce platform and sell your products and services on social media.

4. You can hire a China-focused digital marketing company that offers e-commerce services to assist you in planning your e-commerce strategy, designing your online store, and setting up payment gateways. They will also help you to comply with taxation policies, manage logistics and warehousing, and undertake e-commerce marketing.

Overall, given its vast market potential, there are many business benefits for your brand to sell to China online.