How is Product Design Useful for Marketers?

Product designing and development is maybe the most important aspect of a product, a well-designed product can create or generate demands in the market even if there are none. At the time when smartphones and laptops were in high-demands, nobody could have thought a product which is in the middle of these i.e. a Tablet might become so famous with the users.

Think about it, why did people choose Tablets over laptops and smartphones?


The product design of the Tablet was such that it generated interests among the users and demands in the market.

In this post, we shall discuss some aspects of product designing and development and how it is important to marketing.

What is Product Designing and Development?

Product designing and development is the phase when manufacturers hire designers to shape-up a particular idea, both internally and externally. Product designing and development involves aesthetics, shade, design, software application, coding and so one of the ideal product.

Some Important Stages in Product Designing and Development

The product design goes through various complex stages, some are mentioned as follows:

1) Research and Discovery: In this stage, the medical device designer determines customer needs and specifications which is the primary aim. A designer also researches through previous projects that had similar demands. An exploration of physical aspects of the device concerned is also studied, like: whether the device would contact the user, whether it should be portable, its size etc.

2) Specification Development: After the research is done, the designers focus on the material requirements, software tools, major restrictions, and other quantifications of the device concerned.

3) Engineering: This is the most important and complex step in the medical device designer process. Engineering as a whole includes; mechanical, electrical and software engineering. The customary designing tools and the 3D CAD software are used to initiate the design engineering process.

4) Prototyping: After the device has been engineered, a prototype of the device is developed. A prototype is the test version of the original device concerned. Prototyping helps in determining the problems and mistakes concerning the device.

5) Manufacturing: A full-scale manufacturing of the device is carried out once the above conditions are systematically fulfilled.

How is Product Design Useful for Marketers?

Some important points that marketers can learn through product designing and developments are:

1) A good design will help you fight the competitive market and take a unique stand.

2) In the technology market, product design attracts a lot of customers. In today’s world, people are more interested in features rather than the base idea.

3) In heavy machineries like bulldozers, ships or tanks, product design can be the ultimate decider on efficiency and usefulness.

4) A good product design always helps in building the image of the brand eventually converting into future profits.

5) Product design often influences consumer behaviour, major brands like Apple, Microsoft, or Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger have their own unique features and those features act as an introduction to the brand among the consumers.

In conclusion. Slack et al, in a 2007 research paper quoted:

“Good design satisfies customers and communicates the purpose of the product to its market. The objective of a good product design is to satisfy the customer by meeting their actual needs or expectation.

This, therefore, enhances the competitiveness of the organisation; product design can therefore be seen as starting and ending with the customer. The job of the product designers is to achieve designs that exceed the customer’s expectation.

They also try to design a product that performs well and is reliable during its lifetime, a product should be designed in such a way that it is easy to manufacture.

Using design through a business ultimately boots the bottom line by helping to create better products that compete on value rather than price”

This research perfectly sums up the value of product designing and development in lieu of marketing. A good design and easy development can create a good image of your brand among the customers and you can generate profits for the coming future.