Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Roofer

Is it time to repair or replace your roof? Before you sign a work contract for commercial roofing Albuquerque, you need to make sure that the company is reputable, experienced, and can satisfactorily handle all the aspects of the project from start to finish. It is a good idea to take your time to thoroughly research different roofing companies as well as your roofing requirements.

General roofing questions to ask a commercial roofing company

Before hiring a company to undertake commercial roofing in Albuquerque, ask the following:

• How long have you been in the roofing business?

• Where is your physical office located?

• What types of commercial roofs have you installed?

• Do you have a valid and up-to-date license to undertake commercial roofing in Albuquerque?

• Do you have any training or work approval certification from different roofing manufacturers?

• How many people work for you, and what are their credentials?

• Can you give me references from past clients?

• Can you point me towards some of your roofing projects in Albuquerque?

• Will it be necessary to get a building permit before doing my roofing project? Can you get it, or do I need to apply for it?

• Can you give me a written estimate for my roofing project?

• What safety standards do you follow for your roofing projects? For both your workers and the people in the building?

• Do you have insurance and liability coverage for your workmen?

• How do long do you think it will take to complete my roofing project?

• Do you offer a preventive maintenance program after the roof installation?

Specific project questions to ask a commercial roofing company

Before hiring roofing contractors in Colorado Springs, you might want to ask them these specific questions:

• When can you visit the site to review my roofing requirements?

• What are your usual rates for this type of roofing work?

• What types of checks will you do to find out the condition of my roof and if it needs to be repaired or replaced?

• How will you handle the roofing work around chimneys, protruding walls, and skylights?

• Can you make any structural changes to remove the dead valleys on my roof that collect water and debris?

• What can you do to increase the ventilation in the attic spaces?

• Can you provide me with a written warranty for the work you will undertake on my commercial property, and also for the roofing materials you will use?

• Are you willing to provide me with a surety bond for the work completion?

• Can you let me have a written estimate for the work?

• Can you give me the project specifications and installation plan?

• Are you going to be using new roofing materials entirely, or will it be possible to reuse some of the existing ones?

• Will you be using manufacturer-approved roofing fasteners, adhesives, or hot-air welding methods to fix the roof?

• What arrangements will you make to access my roof safely?

• If I need to install an entirely new roof, how do you plan to remove and dispose of the old roofing material?

• After you remove the old roof, what will you do to protect the building interior from bad weather conditions?

• What steps will you take to ensure that there is no damage to my property and grounds during the roof installation work?

• Will you install drip edging to protect the decking, fascia, and soffits?

• How many people will be working on the roofing project, who will be in charge, and who should I contact at your company in case any issues arise?

• Who will be undertaking the quality checks on the new roof installation work?

• Will you do a site clean-up after the roof installation work?

• How do I pay you for the roof installation work?

• Will I be eligible for any tax credits for the new roof? Can I get any utility rebates?

These questions will help you get started, but don’t hesitate to ask the roofing company anything if you need more information.