Steps for Finding the Perfect Ecommerce Agency for Your Business

The growth of eCommerce is staggering. According to statistics, the share of eCommerce is 20.1% and is expected to grow beyond forecasted trends. The reason being increasingly more customers have recognized the comfort and the potential of eCommerce. In its initial days of trends, people refrained from the fear of quality and payment safety. But the giants like Amazon and Flipkart have made eCommerce a household name for everyone.

If you are looking to increase your sales through leveraging the potential of eCommerce in China, you will need the help of the China eCommerce Agency. There are many reasons why you need their helping hand here. Besides, we will also help you understand how to find a perfect eCommerce agency for your business.

Why you need an eCommerce agency in China?

Chinese internet regulations are quite stringent. Besides, the way customers would want to buy online in China differs from the rest of the world. The authorities do mandate many aspects before one can successfully launch their eCommerce in China. Collaborating with a China eCommerce Agency will help you navigate the process with comfort. They will help you in processing the documentation, and provide clear insights about how to target the right audience.

Steps to choose a perfect eCommerce agency

Choosing an eCommerce agency can be tricky. When there are many options available and all seem alike, you should know how to search for a proven eCommerce agency to take your business ahead. Here are some steps that you should follow while choosing an eCommerce agency for your business.

Step 1: Check the businesses the agency worked with earlier

eCommerce may look the same from the exterior. But the customer mindset, the way we sell the product, attract and retain the customers all differ from business to business and niche to niche. Thus, when selecting an agency, check if they already worked with a business of your domain. It helps you to understand if they can tackle the challenges and provide result-oriented services.

Step 2: Look at the size and expertise of their team

eCommerce involves many aspects. Right from designing the website to making it clean in terms of UX and UI and designing the flow as per the customer’s convenience, many aspects come into the picture. This implies that your eCommerce agency should have enough people to be able to meet the technical tasks seamlessly.

Step 3: Offshore or onshore

When talking about eCommerce in China, the language hassles may rise for non-Chinese brands. To avoid this, try looking for a Chinese eCommerce agency that provides services to non-Chinese speakers. You can also check if they have branches in your country to decide on on-shore or off-shore services.

Step 4: Budget and branding

There is no fixed budget for setting up an eCommerce website. As a business owner, you would want to run it at a minimal budget or spend and make it a lavish one. The choice is yours. Pick a budget that is in your comfort range before you approach an eCommerce agency. Then, you should check with the plans that your agency is offering. Some agencies would charge workwise – for website creation, for ad creations, for promotion, etc. While some others will provide a discount through the package which would sometimes turn out as affordable options.

Step 5: Creativity

Attracting an audience is now a challenging task. Every user is now aware of what happens when they see an ad. Thus, the online audience is tending to be picky giving the designers and marketers stiff competition. This mandates that ad campaigns and website creation should be creative along with the flow of UI and UX for an eCommerce agency. Hence, look at the portfolio of your agency and request their success rates with their previous clients. You could watch their previous campaigns and marketing ads or websites they designed to analyze their skills.

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