The Advantages of Advertising on Weibo

Weibo is often considered to be China’s own version of Twitter and this micro-blogging platform is also a way into the Chinese market to sell your products or services with interesting content and campaigns. The platform has many advantages as can be seen with other social media platforms. Weibo advertising can give your business a huge boost when done right. Here is how paid promotions on the platform help.

# 1 – A huge reach

There are over 400 million active users present on Sina Weibo. This large a number presents you with the opportunity to reach out to many customers and even potential buyers by simply placing ads that pop up when through the course of the day when these users interact with their family, friends, and colleagues. The user base is not limited to specific parts of China but all across the country, thus enabling you to target larger geography and build a large fan following with minimum spends.

# 2 – Targeted advertisements

When you advertise through traditional means, there is very little control you have over who views them. Most times, they are delivered to people who hardly care about your product or service and show and yet, you still have to shell out huge amounts of money in the name of marketing. Sina Weibo brings digital advantage to marketing. By allowing for targeting people with specific interests or demographics, this platform helps you make your products or services to people who will genuinely be interested in them. This is a boon as interested prospects are more likely to convert into well-paying customers than random users who have displayed ads through traditional means.

# 3 – Increased website traffic

You may just advertise on Weibo but the platform can direct visitors to your website when tuned accordingly. This can complement your search engine optimization efforts and work like pay per click search result ads, making your business website more discoverable. Better traffic to the website also means better chances of conversions. Given that your website has content and interfaces that appeal to Chinese folk, you improve your chances that these visitors will explore your offering and make a purchase. Thus a social media ad that you post on Weibo can result in actual sales on your website.

# 4 – Improved brand awareness

If you are a brand that is looking to test waters fresh in China and have very little recall among customers, Weibo advertising can help you. Targeted ads, when they appear repeatedly in customer’s social media feeds, can make your brand more easily recognizable among prospects. They may not necessarily take action on your post, but over time, they will remember your name and your offering more easily in a crowded space. What’s more, when interested people share your content among their circle or discuss your offering among their friends and family, your brand becomes more popular and well-known to your target audience.

# 5 – Better value for money

Weibo advertising can give you better results for the same amount of money as compared to other traditional marketing techniques. The search engine provides multiple formats of advertisement with different options for placement. While it may seem daunting at first, a little patience and effort can help you understand and choose the best one for your goals. Also, there is greater flexibility as you can work with minimal budgets and adjust them based on how each ad is performing. There is always the choice to pump in more money or tweak budgets from time to time as you measure the results of these campaigns on a real-time basis. Unlike traditional ad formats where you need to earmark a specific budget and commit to it, advertising on Sina Weibo gives you more flexibility, and thus, more value for money, even on shoestring budgets.

Weibo advertising is an important component of digital marketing, especially for businesses who want to tap into the Chinese market. Established and professional Chinese digital marketing agencies can get your brand established on Weibo in an effective manner, especially when you have constraints with resources in new geography.