The Importance of Regular Commercial Duct Cleaning

Office Space

We live in an age of increasing productivity and business. This is an unprecedented era where economic growth and development, refined technology, and to-the-second social media engagement are spinning the wheels of progress and creating new technical fields that need to be filled by educated professionals. So, by necessity, more buildings and office complexes need to be erected as control centers for all the growing, new industry. An estimated 86% of Americans hold a desk job, whether in administration, clerical, bookkeeping, or software design. This results in highly occupied, multi-floor complexes that could potentially house thousands or even tens-of-thousands of people, and that could definitely benefit from duct cleaning commercially.

Uncleaned ducts present the higher possibility of hazard. Several occupational hazards can affect an office complex or professional building that could negatively affect the health and productivity of the workers, and one common unseen hazard is the breathing air exchange, which is why a duct cleaning commercial company is so important to your business.

Breathe, Breathe in the Air

Because of all these bodies being in one confined place, having an air exchange system is a necessity, and like any elaborate system, it is prone to eventual foul-ups and breakdowns. In the case of a ductwork network filtration system, very tight standards need to be maintained, and frequently. Therefore, it’s also necessary to make sure the system is routinely cleaned out by a professional duct cleaning commercial company, and there are several important reasons for this that you may not have considered:

Why Routine Professional Duct Cleaning Is Important

Reason #1: Integrity

An effective duct system can collect mass amounts of particulate in many small crevices, and unlike piping systems, the components of a duct system don’t always come in long, solid connectors, but rather in several panels that need to be fastened together. Because of effects like building shifting and settling or simple wear, it’s always possible for a duct system to start developing areas of compromise. What this can lead to is an accumulation of dust and particulate escaping through small cracks in the system. Part of the program duct cleaning commercial professionals engage in involves inspecting the ductwork for any signs of damage or leaks, which could potentially permit harmful particulate contamination to permeate sections of the building and cause respiratory problems, not to mention decreasing the efficacy of the circulation by weakening the vacuum.

Reason #2: Safety

Safety is the absolute key reason for the installation and operation of an effective duct system. Clusters of people working in proximity in a contained office without any form of breathing air circulation are prone to breathing hazards, like settling dust or stale air, which more easily allows the exchange of airborne pathogens, leading to potential illness breakouts. An effective duct network is the answer to preventing and exchanging stagnant air, but only if the system is routinely maintained. Duct systems naturally carry loads of particulate and undesirables that get caught in one of a series of filters, which often need replacing. Clogged filters will render the system ineffective because the vacuum gets harder to maintain. Professional duct cleaning commercial outfits will scour your system, replacing filters and thoroughly removing contaminants to keep the constant exchange going smoothly.

Reason #3: Specialty

We now know that the integrity of a smoothly running duct system is essential, and that the system needs to constantly be monitored for damage or other irregularities. And if your system does experience a breakdown of some sort, you know you cannot delay having the problem attended to. You could stand to miss out on productivity and increase worker absenteeism, or worse, potentially cause your staff to become seriously ill. Cleaning a duct system is a task not handled lightly. To ensure the safety of everyone in an office building, any sudden problems need to be tended to as soon as possible, and it’s important to have a duct cleaning commercial company of professionals at hand with the knowledge, experience, and training to handle the problem with minimal effort and time. Specialized ductwork technicians are well-equipped to troubleshoot, isolate problems, and fix any problems before they get worse.