What are the Human Design Types?

Achieving every day goals and inching towards the big goal is how every successful business works. Productivity in any business is the key and that cannot happen unless you have a staff that understands the subject matter of the business. You being an entrepreneur are constantly worried about how you are going to deal with everything to increase the profit. Your staff is your priority as you want them to work at their best and deliver good results. And to make the wonders happen, you must think a little ahead of everything. Human design types are becoming a competitive tool to keep your staff in order and help them enhance and understand their business skills.

With the help of the right business coach, you can find out how human design can help improve the productivity of your staff and delivering long-lasting results. The concept of human design is new to the business, but its roots are pretty old.

What is human design?

In simple words, human design is an amalgamation of modern and ancient science that acts as a tool to understand the human psyche. With the help of human design, you can understand and discover what you are capable of and how do you stand out from the rest. It enables you to peep into the psychological visions that indirectly help you to make the right decisions with a formed strategy and as a result of that understanding, you lead the path of your life with gratification.

Human design types

The whole of humanity is divided into four types:

#1 Generators

It is still debatable as to how much of the world’s population comprise as the generators. Some say, it is 36% and some say it is 70%. But overall, the majority of the population falls under this human design. Generators are the driving force to keep moving in life. They keep the world moving forward. These human types have a strategy to respond to things and based on that response they eventually find comfort in everything and stay away from frustration. In simple words, the generator type is always evolving through learning new things.

#2 Projectors

Projectors comprise around 20% to 22% of the world’s population. This human type does not have the leadership trait they wait for the right time to avoid the complications and achieve success. Projectors have a natural talent to understand other people’s perspectives and they are good at managing their energy for an efficient purpose. With time, their ability to understand and read other people gives them wisdom so that they can counsel and guide others and put their abilities and energy to good use.

#3 Manifestors

Manifestors have huge power in themselves that can get turned on without any warning and in a sudden manner. Their power is so distinct that other people might get scared by it, and sometimes the manifestors themselves. That is why this human design needs to be in control of themselves and lead their life on their terms. When a manifestor finds his path, success automatically follows. This human design who comprises 9% of the population takes the initiative, acts on it, makes an impact, and changes the course of the world.

#4 Reflectors

It is just 1% of the population who falls under this human design. As the name suggests, they resist everything around them, sample it, and then reflect it to the world. Therefore, the there resistant aura does two things, first, they taste the auras of people around them, not fully but just a bit. And once they taste it, they reflect it all from those people. Thus, this design takes in and gives it back. For instance, if you meet a reflector and your mental state is full of happiness, then this human type will reflect just happiness to you and vice versa.

These days, businesses are using human design types to understand their staff in every manner. When you designate the right people for the right job, you automatically get the best results. Therefore, all you need to do here is start from the individuals, get to know them and their human design type, and delegate them towards what is meant for them.