How an SEO Agency in Houston Can Land New Businesses?

If you have an SEO agency in Houston, chances are you are looking for diversified clients ranging from finance and travel to automotive and entertainment all with their unique SEO requirements. What would be your strategy in attracting these organizations and provide next-level SEO- by using a flexible tracking solution that helps in delivering authentic SERP data regularly. The following ways can help you in gaining new businesses. 

Do your homework before making the presentation

The perfect way to win over a potential client is to be aware of the opportunities and challenges in their online space before making a pitch. To get an understanding of their search landscape, research the keywords that are applicable for your prospect and load those keywords in your SEO analytics tool. Let them run for a week, and you can turn the tracking on and off for any number of keywords you like, and whenever you like. In this way, when you want to highlight your expertise, you can show them with hard data on their search visibility and customized strategies to help them improve. Going for the pitch with deep insights in just 4 to 5 days will make you look like an SEO expert and the potential clients will understand that you can easily handle any obstacles unleashed on the SERPs by an online update or new competitors jumping into the arena. 

Thoroughly check your data from every angle and 

As a Houston SEO agency, you are striving to manage the visibility of numerous clients at any given time, and all the clients have multiple sites, operate in various industries and verticals around the globe, and target an ever-growing list of products and topics. So, when prospective clients expect personalized SEO recommendations, you need to be precise about your data. It means you should have the ability in tracking and segmenting tons of keywords. 

You need to acquire more SERPs

Your task is to research and compile a list of keywords for every potential client. When a single keyword returns only one SERP, and people’s searches are as distinctive as they are, the longer is the list, the higher is the scope of insight. It is the difference between peruse and a peel, thereby understanding the whole picture. For instance, your prospective client has a beauty product chain with a brick-and-mortar as well as an online store across the US. You want to know how each of the products appears to the majority of searchers – does a ‘girl’s eyeliner’ return a different SERP than ‘eyeliner for girls’? The next step is to focus on the locations, languages, and devices of target audiences. When your SEO agency in Houston is tracking the exact places in influential global markets, you are aware of how businesses in different industries are performing in various cities across the globe. By using the SEO analytics tool, you can also segment any SERP feature like videos, snippets, and knowledge graph that helps in identifying exactly where threats and opportunities lie on the SERP.